If you don't have time to read in depth about us, our philosophy, process, and ingredients, feel free to scan the quick facts below to better understand what we do, why we do it, and what you are getting with every purchase of Carina Organics.


• Based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

• A family run business, operating for over 40 years.

• All ingredients used in our products are 100% naturally derived.

• There are no percentages of 'plant derived', 'organic' or other breakdowns of ingredients on our products because every single ingredient in each formulation is plant derived and/or organic! 
• We have never tested (and will never test) on animals.
• All ingredients are sustainably sourced. 
• We do not use unnecessary packaging (boxes within boxes etc.) as this creates extra waste and increases the environmental impact of our production and your purchase.
For further information on individual products, please click on the product of choice to discover more on their specific ingredients, functions and otherwise. More in-depth information about Carina can be found under 'About' on our website.


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