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 HELMUTS BIG DISCOVERY...The Gollner's Granville Street based Vancouver Barbershop

Helmut Gollner has been involved in the beauty & barber industry since the early 60’s and, with years of experience, has become an industry authority on manufacturing natural and organic hair and skin care products. Born in Poland and raised in Germany, Helmut started his career in the traditional apprenticeship of his profession – barbering and styling.  Steeped in traditional learning from the fundamentals of cutting hair, to the study of anatomy and the formulation of products based upon the principles of homeopathic skin care and hair care, Helmut finished his training and embarked on his professional career in Munich, Germany.

Helmut's boss and mentor, during this period, would, from time to time, secretly formulate products that would be used in the barbershop.  He soon came to the realization that his skills and talents lay in privately formulating custom formulations for his ever-developing clientele.  This intrigued Helmut and he became passionately immersed in this aspect of his profession, collecting and studying as many hair and skin care formulations as he could find. 

Upon his immigration in the early 1960’s, he brought his skills and knowledge in the profession of homeopathic formulation to Canada. While undertaking spring cleaning in his Granville Street  barber shop, Helmut unearthed a chunk of rough soap in a silver foil soapbox. The remains of the 19th century box

Tar Soap circa 1869label advertised the medicinal ingredient of 'tree tar' and educated the reader on it's recommended use, by physicians, since 1869, to relieve minor skin and scalp problems. This discovery led Gollner to research Pacific Northwest tree essences (tree sap, or juice) and to incorporate them into skin and hair products using the methodologies perfected during his apprenticeship in Germany. 

Today, the Gollners continue to collect these hardened coagulations, refining them into a rich, golden essence, and mixing them with plant extracts and oils. When the seasons change, Helmut, along with his son Anthony, travels throughout British Columbia to hand collect and harvest tree saps and other raw materials for Carina's hair and skin care product lines.  .